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Tools to Aid Species Identification

An alternative approach to species identification using the 'filter' capabilities of database technology. Select options from lists and see possible species matching your selections displayed.

The identification tools attempt to use the 'filtering' capabilities of computer database technology to help you home in on a species you may have seen. Producing these is quire a complex task and so, at present, the selection of tools is limited but I hope to produce them for grasses, ferns, mosses and fungi (even lichen!) at some point in the future.

Each tool provides a series of options to 'filter' on and the filters appear at the top of the display. Click on the down arrow next to the filter box and a list of options appear and then you can select from that list, click 'apply' and all species matching your filter will appear. For example, you have seen a yellow flower whilst walking in woodland in April. There are filters for colour, habitat and month on the wild flower identification tool. If you select yellow, woodland and April you will see which species in the database meet ALL of the criteria.

Please remember that this cannot be exact, what is purple to me may be mauve to you!  Not only that, some flowers come in various colours and I have, at present, only allocated one to each species. You can of course reset the filters if you do not see the species you are looking for in the selection provided a first; if mauve does not solve you query try purple. Also remember that the more filters use choose the shorter the list of options you will see. 

I hope it works for you!

 Note: This is work-in-progress and there may be some oddities in your results as I seek to sort out the huge amount of data the system uses!

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Wild Flowers

Tree and Shrubs


There are the currently two identifcation tools available. These are the 'filters' you can use on each:

  • Flowering Plants:  
    • colour of the flower
    • month of flowering
    • habitat type where it was a
    • botanical family the flower belongs to 
  • Trees and Shrubs: 
    • winter profile
    • summer profile
    • bark
    • twig and bud
    • leaf
    • flower
    • seed
    • cross section of trunk