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Contacting the Nature of Dorset ...

Submitted by Peter Orchard on Sun, 14/04/2019 - 19:29

Since I launched the Nature of Dorset in 2010 I have had many emails from site visitors with all sorts of queries and many fall into one of a number of categories:

  • Requests for help with identification of something they have seen
  • Requests for information on where is the best time and best place to see a particular species
  • Questions about places in Dorset they intend to visit to see wildlife
  • Sending me reports of species they have seen
  • General observations or comments about issues affecting the wildlife and wild places of Dorset

These emails have been the inspiration behind the creation of the Nature of Dorset Community which launched in May 2019. The idea of the community is to share the load of answering these queries amongst other knowledgeable people and to try and create an online meeting place for like minded people to share news and photographs with others, to discuss issues  and to generally further their enjoyment of the nature of Dorset. Membership of the community is free and anyone with an interest in Dorset's wildlife can join. There are lots of features to the community section of the Nature of Dorset which are listed on the Community Features page but in particular there are facilities to:

  • Help you get answers to identification queries
  • Let you share news and photographs in the communal blog
  • Report both interesting or 'routine' sightings
  • Start, or join in with, general debate about issues or ask general questions about nature in Dorset

Remember that there is substantial information on 200+ wildlife hotspots and over 2,100 species in the full Nature of Dorset website and that should be your first port of call for site or species specific information. Otherwise we will be pleased to welcome you to the forum.


If you do need to contact me personally then you need to join the forum and then go to the members list, find my name (Peter Orchard) in the list and send me a private message.