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Links to my Facebook and Twitter news feeds as well as links to news pages from other organisations.

If you are keen on Dorset wildlife then you will want to keep up to date with the latest news. In this part of the Nature of Dorset I try to bring you services to keep you in touch with a variety  of sources of news. I hope you find it useful. If you are aware of a relevant news source that I have not included please let me know via the site contact form so that I can expand this section and make it really relevant. Thank you.


Are you a Facebook user? If so, click the link to the Nature of Dorset Facebook page and then 'like'. The page has my daily nature notes together with pages from other wildlife groups and enthusiasts in Dorset.

Keen on Twitter? Click the link to my Nature News UK Twitter feed and follow. It provides a feed of news and articles of interest to people interested in Dorset wildlife.

I try and write a nature note every day focusing on a particular species or place. You can follow it on my Blogger site here.

From time to time I see articles on the web about the nature of Dorset and I clip them to my Evernote scrapbook. I share my scrapbook with you here; you do not have to have or join Evernote to view it.

News from the county's premier conservation organisation.

Want to know what special birds are currently in Dorset? Click the link to the Dorset Bird Club latest sightings page which they upodate daily with the best 'twitches' to be had in Dorset!

Interested in butterflies? Butterfly Conservation Dorset run a latest sightings page with other information about the latest butterfly sightings. Click the link to see it.

Love Durlston? The rangers write a report every day of the latest news and sightings at Durlston. Click the link to find it.

Daily sightings from the bird observatory on Portland Bill

From time to time I issue issue updates about the Nature of Dorset website, its content, funcion of development. If you are an avid Nature of Dorset follower you can monitor progress here.

Local and national news vis RSS from organisations websites


The currently available news sources are shown above. Each icon links to an external resource which you can then bookmark if you want to follow it on a regular basis. There are also links to three other pages:

  • To my FACEBOOK page:  If you are a Facebook user you may like to 'like' the Nature of Dorset Facebook page where I share selected news items that I trace on various Facebook pages I follow. I also publish my Nature Notes there daily.
  • To my TWITTER feed:  If you are a Twitter user you may like to follow my Twitter feed where I re-tweet selected news items from the various Twitter feeds I follow. I also tweet here when I publish a new Nature Note.
  • To my BLOGGER page. If you want to expand your knowledge then follow my blog where I research and write about a different species or site each day.
  • To my SCRAPBOOK. If I find an interesting new item or article about nature in Dorset I click it my Evernote scrapbook which you can view from here.
  • To the DORSET WILDLIFE TRUST website. The trust post important announcements and news items on their website and this link takes you there.
  • To the DORSET BIRD CLUB news. Each day the Dorset Bird Club publishes a list of the more significant sightings reported to them from across the county.
  • To the DORSET BUTTERFLY CONSERVATION website. During the butterfly flying season Butterfly Conservation Dorset publish the latest butterfly records from across Dorset.
  • To the DURLSTON DIARY website. Lovers of Durslton Country Park may want to follow what is happening at the park by reading the daily diary kept by the rangers.
  • To the PORTLAND BIRD OBSERVATORY website. Famous as a hot-spot for migrating birds you can read about the latest observations and ringing activities here.
  • To my RSS FEED reader. Several other nature conservation organisations issue news items and I trap them via RSS and publish them together here.
  • To my BROADCAST stream. Devotees of the Nature of Dorset may want to follow announcements about new content and function of the site which I publish here.