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Submitted by Peter Orchard on Thu, 02/04/2020 - 07:09

Welcome to the resources section of the Nature of Dorset. Here you will find a range of additional reports and features that supplement the rest of the Nature of Dorset website.

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In the bibliography you will find:

  • A list of the reference books I use
  • By including them I acknowledge their help in contributing to my knowledge 
  • I am happy to recommend any of these books to anyone looking for reference books on wildlife and conservation 


This is the Nature of Dorset blog:

  • I write occasional reflections on nature in general and, sometimes, on the nature of Dorset specifically
  • From time to time I write thoughts on nature watching and understanding nature
  • All comments are my own and do not reflect the views of any particular organisation


You can use the forum to:

  • Ask questions about nature in Dorset including help with species identification (be sure to include a photo if you can)
  • Share with us what you have seen - include a date and location please
  • Make (polite) comments and suggestions about the Nature of Dorset website 


The photograph gallery is a collection of photographs that either I have taken of have been shared on Twitter by Dorset nature enthusiasts:

  • It contains photos of just about everything from amammals to fungi
  • The Twitter photos are shared here just as they can be shared on Twitter
  • You should respect the ownership of the photos and not use them for financial gain and if shared should be accredited to the photographer 


The guide is split in to two sections:

  • A USER guide to, hopefully, provide help in using the Nature of Dorset website
  • The user guide is in a "frequently asked questions" format
  • A VISITOR guide which has some basic information which may help visitors to the county 


The library contains papers written and collected over time:

  • It has some guides to nature and identification which I have written
  • Some articles written by others who have given permission for them to be included here
  • The paper are in PDF format so you need the appropriate reader to view them but most computers have one these days 


The links included here:

  • Provide information about the county's conservation organisations and wildlife interest groups
  • I have not been selective and have included all that I could find, I apologize to any I may have missed; use the forum to get your organisation included
  • The links and the information were correct at the time I created them but may have changed since!  


The magazine is the name I have chosen for including:

  • Blogs written by Various Dorset wildlife enthusiasts
  • I have not been selected and have included all that I have been able to find
  • If yours is missing use the forum to let me know and I will add it

News and Analysis

Whilst you can build your own reports, charts and distribution maps in the records section:

  • I have created a number of specific reports drawing on and analysing the data
  • It includes summary reports providing historical information or alternative perspectives on the nature of Dorset
  • The Nature of Dorset database is derived from tweeted sightings from enthusiasts across Dorset 

News Desk

The News Desk brings you the latest news about the nature of Dorset as well as new material added to the Nature of Dorset:

  • It includes blogs from some conservation organisations who report daily on what has been seen by their project
  • It includes notification of new content on the main Nature of Dorset website
  • It includes selected tweets from conservation organisations about events or activities 


The scrapbook is a collection of news articles clipped from online newspapers and magazines:

  • I include articles about Dorset nature reserves and matters affecting them
  • I also include articles about species or groups of species and how they are fairing on Dorset
  • The articles are kept in a utility function called Evernote but you can access the items without an Evernote account 

Terms and Conditions

Every website has its small print! Here is mine:

  • It covers ownership and copyright issues
  • It includes the usual disclaimers about errors and omissions
  • Every visitor is expected to read the terms and conditions and the assumption is that you have whether you have or not!